This Is The Mack Daddy of Tour Da Yoop, Eh
Friday, August 6 thru Sunday, August 15, 2021

Complete this in 10 days and you’ll have EPIC Bragging Rights
and an awesome Plaid Jersey

(Plaid Jersey is free to riders who complete all 10 sections in 10 straight days)

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About the 10 Day Ride

Our 10 day ride is just as much about your mental fitness as it is about your physical fitness.  Many people think they’re ready for the ride, but once they get there, they realize they should have trained a little harder.  

We ride out at 7 am and get to the finishing city between 3 and 5 pm.

We travel through countless small towns and generally finish in big ones.

We ride through rain and shine.

We ride through some gravel (a road bike can ride on all of it), we start out on steep hills, we end on steep hills and ride through all kinds of good stuff in between (be sure to check out the course info).

To Date, only 14 people in the world have been able to finish TDY in 10 straight days.  
If you’re looking to push your limits, this is it.

Our best advice…be prepared for everything.

When We Start

Start your adventure on Friday, August 6th in St. Ignace and complete it when you roll back into St. Ignace on Sunday, August 15.

Where We Ride

Ride around the outskirts of the Upper Peninsula, where you will ride through all 15 counties and countless cute little towns.

# of Miles

TDY is composed of 10 sections, averaging 120 miles per section, that’s 1,200 miles in all.  We stay in each city for one night and in the morning it’s off to the next city (except for Houghton, we are there for 2 nights).

TDY Is A Self Guided Ride

We are there for support along each route, but basically riders ride however they want to.  Fast.  Slow.  Solo.  In A Group.  In other words, however you want.

While riding, riders will realize who else rides at their same pace and ride with them if they want or ride solo.

If you want to push yourself, ride with the faster riders for a day, if you want to see more sights and stop more frequently, ride with the slower riders, it’s totally up to each individual rider. 

We use Ride with GPS to give you turn by turn directions, along with directional signs at important intersections.   

Our SAG teams will stay with the last rider until they have completed a section (riders must be to the finishing location before 7 pm daily).

Rider with peace of mind that if anything happens to you along the route, we’ll be able to give you a helping hand.

The Trifecta

We have safe roads, wonderful people and beautiful routes.  

Safety is our #1 priority, over 95% of our route is off main highways, leaving you with beautiful, wide open roads to enjoy.  

Only a few miles out of the 1,200 are on gravel (you can ride a road bike the entire time). 

Come with friends or come alone, either way, you’ll have more friends when you’re finished riding than you did before you started.  Whether you want to ride as fast as you can, take your time and explore or simply pedal with a group of other riders, anyway you ride it, you’ll be on the right path to a great experience you’ll never forget.

Come see the beauty of 3 Great Lakes, enjoy the serenity of small towns and even ride in Wisconsin for a bit (~5 miles).
The U.P. has a variety of things to do, here are just a few:

  • Visit the Two Hearted River that Ernest Hemingway wrote about
  • Watch ships as they pass through the very important SOO Locks
  • Try some delicious planked whitefish
  • Watch the Tahquamenon Falls, where two cascades disgorge up to 50,000 gallons of water per second
  • Stop in Christmas to do some shopping
  • See the famous Pictured Rocks
  • Enjoy a Pasty
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Our Goal

It’s simple…To Show Off the U.P.
Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is a Bikers Paradise, with some of the safest roads in the world.
We have established a phenomenal 10 section, 1,200 mile bike route that circles the entire Upper Peninsula.
We want to show it all off, the beauty, the kindness of Yoopers and the laid back live style that Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has to offer.
Each section has beautiful views and exciting challenges.
Come see for yourself how awesome the U.P. is.

Plaid Finisher’s Jersey

All riders who sign up for the 10 Day Ride and complete all 10 sections in 10 straight days,
will receive the Plaid Finisher’s Jersey FREE as a REWARD for your hard work.

Riders will receive their Plaid Finisher’s Jersey after they have completed 9 sections, so they can wear it with pride when riding the 10th section.

Women’s Plaid Finishers Jersey
Men’s Plaid Finishers Jersey

Must register before June 30th to guarantee your Plaid Finisher’s Jersey will arrive in time for the ride.
If it doesn’t arrive in time, we will mail it to you.

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There is a $50 processing fee for all refunds given.
No refunds will be given after March 1, 2021.
No partial refunds for sections that riders did not finish
No exchanges on any jerseys.