3 Day Rides

We have 2 very different 3 day rides to choose from, pick which one is right for you

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“Beauty & The Beast” Ride

Ride Sections 3, 4 & 5
August 9th, 10th & 11th

Monday, August 9th
Iron Mountain to Ironwood
Let us know if this is the beauty or the beast.

Tuesday, August 10th
Ironwood to Houghton
The longest ride we have at 137 miles.

Wednesday, August 11th
Copper Harbor Loop

Start off  the day with Houghton’s finest in blue escorting us across the Portage Canal Lift Bridge, then you’re off to ride one of our most beautiful routes (the beauty in our Beauty & The Beast).  The Kewaneew Peninsula is the northernmost part of Michigan and is famous for the largest copper boom in history.  Ride on smooth tree lined roads, go through adorable small towns and see countless lighthouses.  This section is always a rider favorite (even when it rains).

Transportation Back to Iron Mountain
Wednesday, August 11th @ 7 pm, transportation services back to Iron Mountain is provided.
Approximately a 1 1/2 hour drive.

Ride approximately 390 miles in these 3 days.

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“Lake Side” Ride

Ride Sections 10, 1 & 2
August 6th, 7th & 8th

Our Lakeshore 3 day ride gives you the opportunity to ride a little less miles than the other sections, but still ride enough miles to keep it a challenge.  These are 3 of TDY’s easiest sections (St. Ignace to Manistique | Manistique to Escanaba | Escanaba to Iron Mountain), so it’s a great way to try it out.

Finish these sections and you’ll be sure to want to come back for tougher ones next year.

Friday, August 6
St. Ignace to Manistique

Help us start off 2021 with a bang.  Enjoy the beautiful roads along Lake Michigan to Manisitque.

Saturday, August 7
Manistique to Escanaba

Sunday, August 8
Escanaba to Iron Mountain

Transportation Back to St Ignace
Sunday, August 8 @ 7 pm
Approximately a 2 1/2 hour drive.

Ride approximately 330 miles in these 3 days.

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TDY Is A Self Guided Ride

We are there for support along each route, but basically TDY is a self guided ride. 

While riding, riders will realize who else rides at their same pace and ride with them.

If you want to push yourself, ride with the faster riders for a day, if you want to see more sights and stop more frequently, ride with the slower riders, totally up to each individual rider. 

Riders can ride with other riders or ride solo with peace of mind that if anything happens to you along the route, we’ll be able to give you a helping hand.

We use Ride with GPS to give you turn by turn directions, along with directional signs at important intersections.   

Our SAG teams will stay with the last rider until they have completed a section (riders must be to the finishing location before 7 pm daily).

Routes will be sent to all registered riders at the beginning of August. 

All Rides Include

Custom Made Riders Jersey

Receive our one of a kind TDY Custom Made Riders Jersey, this is a great quality jersey that will last you for years.  The riders love our unique map showing our routes on the back of the jersey.

Women’s Custom Made Jersey
Men’s Custom Made Jersey

Must register before June 30th to guarantee your Custom Made Riders Jersey will arrive in time for the ride.
If it doesn’t arrive in time, we will mail it to you.

SAG Support

SAG Support will be provided by TDY.  If something happens to your bike we will do our best to fix it.  If your bike is not rideable, we will have support bring you to the next stop. We won’t leave you stranded in the middle of the U.P.

We have a lead SAG driver that stays in front of the first group of riders and another SAG driver that stays behind the last riders.  In between we have SAG drivers that continuously ride up and back to check in with riders.

All riders are expected to be to the finishing city by 7:00 pm.

Aid Stations

Aid stations will be located approximately every 30 miles of each section.

TDY will provide water at all stops.

Riders supply their own food and other drinks.

At the beginning of the day riders bring what they want at each stop to the starting location.  TDY will take it from there and make sure it is at the station you want it at when you get there.

All food/drinks must be marked with the riders name.

Luggage Pick Up & Drop Off

Luggage pick up and drop off to hotels and campsites within 5 miles of the host hotel is provided.

If you are staying at a hotel or campsite farther than 5 miles from the host hotel, we can transport your luggage for a small extra fee.

We do not provide luggage transportation to homes (Air BnB, VRBO, etc.).

Each rider may bring 2 soft sided bags, weighing no more than 25 lbs each.  Each bag weighing over 25 lbs will be charged a $10 per day fee.  Anyone who brings more than 2 bags will be charged a $10 per day fee.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Cyclebration After Party

No matter where you start or finish your last section of TDY, you are invited to celebrate your great accomplishments with us at our Cyclebration Party.

Held in St. Ignace on the last day of riding (August 15, 2021).

Join us for food, music, drinks and most of all FUN.

All riders, volunteers and workers are invited to this party.


We encourage all riders to download the routes onto their Garmin about a week before we ride.

There are also directional signs throughout each section.

Chasing Plaid Challenge

Anyone who completes all 10 sections of the TDY is eligible to purchase the Coveted Plaid Finishers Jersey.

You must EARN this jersey, by completing each section in the same day you start it.
(ie., you can’t take 2-3 days to finish 1 section).

You can take 5 to 10 to 15 years to complete all 10 sections, we don’t care how long it takes you to do all 10 sections,
we just want you to complete them all and feel great about your achievement.

Riders generally know when they will be completing their 10th section, so whenever that is for you, when you sign up to ride, be sure to order your Plaid Finishers Jersey too.

We will present you with the jersey after you have ridden your 9th section, so you can wear it with pride on your 10th section.
If for some reason you are not able to complete it, we will hold onto the jersey until you can complete it. In other words, it will be waiting for you.

We offer 2 and 3 day ride packages every year to help you complete the sections you still need to close the loop.

Women’s Plaid Finishers Jersey
Men’s Plaid Finishers Jersey
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There is a $50 processing fee for all refunds given.
No refunds will be given after March 1, 2021.
No partial refunds for sections that riders did not finish
No exchanges on any jerseys.