About Us

James Studinger, founder of Call of the Yooper and Tour Da Yoop, Eh has a vision – for people to “Reconnect With Nature”.
James is from Manistique and wants everyone to enjoy all that Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (aka the Yoop) has to offer.
To accomplish this, James spends his vacations with excursions through the UP showing people what’s possible if you’re willing to explore.

He’s hiked through the UP from Miners Beach Lake Superior to the Lake Michigan shores of Thompson He canoed through the UP from Lake Superior Autrain to Lake Michigan’s Little Bay DeNoc and many other adventures with the woods, waters and animals in the Yoop, including a pack of wolf pups.

In 2018 James went beyond the woods of the UP and set out to showcase it’s the forgotten pavement. He does triathlons and had too many near death experiences biking in the Lower Peninsula. Whenever he would ride the backroads in the UP there weren’t any cars, but he also noticed that there weren’t any other bikers. James realized that people haven’t yet discovered this biking Paradise and had no idea where to ride their bikes. So he created thousands of miles of incredible safe biking routes in the UP and brought attention to it by biking 10 days and 1,200 miles around the entire Upper Peninsula, known as Tour Da Yoop, Eh (translation – Come ride around the UP with me, OK!).

James officially became the first person to wear the Plaid Jersey and invites everyone to join him in accomplishing this bucket list adventure. Whether it takes you 1 year or 10 years, come experience a biking vacation of a lifetime!

Hike Lake Superior to Lake Michigan Video

Canoe Lake Superior to Lake Michigan Video

Wolf Pups Video

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