We Offer A Variety of Cycling Adventures

Friday, August 14 thru Sunday, August 23, 2020


3 In 3 – Ride 300 Miles in 3 Days

Start in St. Ignace, finish in Iron Mountain and take our shuttle back to St. Ignace.
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10 Day Challenge Ride

Do you have what it takes to ride 1,200 miles in 10 days? Come test your strength and find out.
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2 Day Weekend Getaway Ride

Only have a couple days to ride? Come getaway start in Grand Marais head east to Sault Ste Marie and finish in St. Ignace.
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Pick Your Days

Ride any day(s) that fit your schedule.  Simple as can be.
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No matter which riding package you choose, you get the following services   


You don’t have to worry about being stranded on a quiet road in the middle of nowhere, TDY has SAG support for all riders.  Typically, every group of 25-30 riders has a designated SAG team with them to help with any issues that arise.  At the beginning of each day you supply any equipment you might need along the ride and we’ll have them in the SAG car for your convenience.  Groups just naturally form and we’ll have different SAG teams for different paced riders.  If something happens to your bike we will do our best to fix it with you.  If your bike is unrideable, we will bring you and your bike to the finish line.  Some important items to put in the SAG vehicle:  tires, air pumps, water bottles, tools, etc.


Hydration and Feed Bag stations will be located approximately every 30 miles throughout each section.  Riders drop off their extra water bottles and feed bags in the morning and we’ll take it to whichever station you want it at.  You’ll simply mark your product and what stop(s) you want it dropped off at.  You can also have a SAG driver carry water and snacks with them.  Designated Hydration Stations will be marked on Ride with GPS.  


Daily luggage pick up and drop off is included in all ride packages.  There will be a designated pick up and drop off location at each overnight city.  All riders are limited to 2 soft bags (no more than 20 lbs each).  If you have more than 2 bags or if they weigh more than 20 lbs, an extra fee will be charged.  All luggage MUST be labeled.  


Depends on which ride you are joining.
The 3 in 3 ride shuttles you from Iron Mountain back to St. Ignace on Sunday, August 16.*
The 2 Day ride has you leave your car in St. Ignace and shuttles you to the starting city of Grand Marais on Friday, August 21
The 10 Day Challenge Ride has you starting and finishing in the same city, St. Ignace
Pick Your Days Ride can have a shuttle bring you back to your starting city for $50 fee.  

*If you register for the 3 in 3 ride with hotel package, shuttle service is included in your registration fee.
If you purchase the 3 in 3 ride without the hotel package, there will be a $50 fee to shuttle back to St. Ignace.


TDY is a self guided bicycle ride.  Groups of same speed riders will naturally form and riders will most likely always be with other riders.  We use Ride with GPS to give you turn by turn directions, along with directional signs at important intersections. 

Exact routes will be sent to all registered riders at the beginning of August.