Tour Da Yoop, Eh
Cycling Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
August 6 – 15, 2021


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What is Tour Da Yoop, Eh?

Tour Da Yoop, Eh (TDY) is a cycling ride around Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Riders can ride 1 to 10 days, 90 to 1,200 miles.  The beauty isn’t only in the scenery, it’s in the flexibility to ride as many or as little days as you want.

Why Ride?

Tour Da Yoop, Eh is more than just a bike ride, it is a full experience of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Come see the beautiful great lakes, meet the nicest people and have an experience you’ll never forget.

Cycling Options

Tour Da Yoop, Eh offers a variety of ride packages, each with it’s own unique riding experience.

We offer a 10 day ride, 3 day rides, 2 day rides and midweek ride specials.  There is something for everyone.

Where Does TDY Ride?

We travel around the outskirts of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Ultimately we ride through all 15 counties, ride along side 3 great lakes, see beautiful waterfalls, countless wildlife and amazing little towns.

No matter which package you ride, you will not be disappointed.

We’ve Got You Covered

Like we said, Tour Da Yoop Eh is more than a riding event, it is a full experience.  While you’re enjoying the safe roads, great scenery and fabulous people, we will be taking care of everything else:

SAG Support
Luggage Transportation
Aid Stations
Hotel Accommodations (if you choose)
Dinner Reservations (if you want to join us)

# of Miles

All together, TDY rides nearly 1,200 miles, we have broken it up into 10 sections, each section is approximately 120 miles.  We stay in different cities nightly, so be ready for some morning packing.

Check In

All riders are required to check in the night before their first day of riding.

Daily Start Time

We take off at 7:00 am daily.

Best Part of TDY, the Camaraderie

We believe our riders are some of the best people in the world, nice, funny and extremely supportive of all riders.

Friendships have been made that will last a lifetime.

Our staff pays attention to all the details, to ensure TDY is something special to everyone and that we get to know all of the riders.

All riders are invited to nightly dinners, sometimes dinner is at a restaurant, sometimes it is as simple as eating pizza in a park after a long day of riding.  Either way, it’s the best time of the day.