Still Have Questions??  Most are answered below,
but if you still have questions, please call or text us at 313-588-0200

How do I sign up to participate?2020-01-13T13:37:47-05:00

You must register on line.

How will I know my registration went through?2020-09-08T14:24:21-04:00

You will receive a welcome email from us within 24 hours of signing up.

When does it start?2020-09-08T14:27:37-04:00

August 6th we roll out of St. Ignace on our 10 day journey.  August 5th is check in for anyone riding 10 days and anyone riding the Lake Side Ride.

The 2 Day Rides start on different days, please see each ride description for dates.

The 3 Day Rides start on different days, please see each ride description for dates.

The Midweek Rides start on different days, please see each ride description for dates.

PlaidER Day is Sunday, August 15th.

When will I receive the course routes?2019-11-19T16:53:01-05:00

We use Ride with GPS to give you turn by turn directions.  You will receive an email in the beginning of August with all the details of each section.

How do I restock up on food & water?2020-10-06T17:24:29-04:00

If you are riding less than 4 days, you should be able to carry enough food and water in your luggage to last you.

If you are riding more than 4 days, there are stores along each route or in the finishing cities to restock up on.  If a store is not within walking distance of the hotel, a TDY staff member or Uber can take you.

Click here for more info on what is in each city.

When do I need to arrive?2019-11-19T04:21:32-05:00

All riders should check in the night before their first day of riding.  If this is not possible, please email us and we will make other arrangements.  

When do I get my registration packet?2019-11-19T17:01:46-05:00

Rider check in and packet pick up is the night before your first day of riding. 

An exact time and location will be sent in the final confirmation email sent to you in the beginning of August. 

Other important information will be sent in emails prior to the event.

Always check Facebook & Instagram for updates as well.

What do I need to bring to registration?2019-11-19T16:52:44-05:00

Your valid photo ID.  License, State ID, Passport are all acceptable.  Something with your smiling face and birth date on it.

Can I pick up someone else’s registration packet or can someone else pick up my registration packet?2019-11-19T16:56:51-05:00

No, all riders must show ID upon picking up their registration packets.

When do I get my jersey?2019-11-19T18:34:33-05:00

At registration, so the night before your first day of riding.

Can I exchange my jersey size?2019-11-19T16:56:35-05:00

NO, please follow the Jersey Fitting Guide on the website to ensure proper fitting.  It is very accurate.


Will jerseys and swag be available to purchase?2019-11-19T17:03:40-05:00

Yes.  Tour Da Yoop, Eh swag and other goodies will be available to purchase at each registration.

Extra Challenge Rider Jerseys will be available for purchase, $125 each.  

The Plaid Finisher’s Jersey is NOT available for purchase. Only riders who complete all 10 sections (over any course of time, 1, 2, 5 or even 10 years), can purchase the Plaid Finisher’s Jersey.

How difficult is the ride?2019-11-19T17:06:37-05:00

This is a challenge and will probably be one of the more challenging accomplishments of your life.

Be prepared to work hard, see some beautiful sites and have a great ride. 

How many miles will I be riding a day?2020-09-08T14:31:21-04:00

Approximately 120 miles per day.

(This is no place for a bike with a basket)


How should I prepare for the ride?2019-11-19T17:11:45-05:00

Physical Condition

Fitness is key to riding 120 miles per day.  We recommend that you speak to a physician to make sure you are fit to ride.  There are great websites that can help give you good daily routines to help you prepare.

Mechanical Conditions

Sounds silly to say, but make sure you have ridden your bike and that it is in working condition.

Check your tire pressure before each daily ride. 

Having a spare tube and/or patch kit handy is a smart precaution.  

What time do the rides start?2020-09-08T14:30:12-04:00

Riders will start at 7:00 am every day.  

Morning meet ups will be announced the night before.


Will there be a lot of road riding?2019-11-19T17:15:18-05:00

YES.  This phenomenal course is mainly paved roads with very little traffic.   Along some sections, you’ll see more wildlife than cars.

A few sections have gravel, but it is rideable and a road bike can be used for the all sections.



What should I bring with me on the ride?2019-11-19T17:20:13-05:00

We will have Hydration Stations set up approximately every 30 miles along each section, they will be marked on the Ride with GPS Route.

We will provide jugs of water at each station and you can refill your water bottles.

Before each ride there will be an area for you to drop off anything you want us to put at the hydration station for when you get there.  We ask that you label anything you want dropped off, please put your name and what station # you want it left at.

Any items you need before each station, you will need to carry it with you.

We will have SAG support that can carry items for you, but we can’t guarantee they will be with you when you need it.  (ie, if you are ahead of SAG it might take time for them to catch up to you, if SAG is ahead of you it might take time to get back to you).


How many riders will there be?2020-09-08T14:34:14-04:00

We are happy with between 40 & 60 riders daily.

We can register up to 100 per day. 


What sort of weather should we expect during the event?2019-11-19T17:22:41-05:00

This is MICHIGAN, be prepared for everything, even in August.  It could be 80 during the day and 30 at night. Rain or shine the event will be held.

One thing we can guarantee is that the snow will be gone, even if they set record amounts, like they did in 2019. 

What’s the overall course elevation and profile?2019-11-19T18:44:33-05:00

Basic course info can be found here.  Course elevation is listed under each section.  Exact routes will be sent out in the beginning of August. 

Course Information


Can I stay in a hotel on some nights and camp on others?2020-09-08T14:37:55-04:00

Yes, by all means! You can stay wherever you want.  

We have riding packages available that include lodging and we have riding packages available that don’t include lodging.  

We recommend that you stay within riding distance from the finish point to your hotel.

Luggage will be transported up to 5 miles away from the finish point.  Anyone staying farther away than 5 miles will be subject to a small additional fee.

We do not pick up luggage at residential homes, air BnB or VRBO.



Can I drive to the start line each day?2019-11-19T17:36:53-05:00

Most likely not.  Your car will probably be in the city you started at, but if you have another form of transportation to get to the start line that is fine with us.   

How will luggage/bags be transported?2020-09-08T14:44:49-04:00

TDY staff members will bring riders luggage from city to city.

We provide luggage pick up and drop off to hotels and campsites within 5 miles of the host hotel.

A the end of each days ride, riders will pick up their luggage from the hotel lobby or U-Haul.

In the morning riders will bring to the U-Haul.

Luggage must be CLEARLY marked. 

If you are staying at a hotel or campsite farther than 5 miles from the host hotel, we can transport your luggage for an extra charge.

We do not provide luggage transportation to homes (Air BnB, VRBO, etc.)

Each rider may bring 2 soft sided bags, weighing no more than 25 lbs each.  Each bag weighing over 25 lbs will be charged a $10 per day fee.  Anyone who brings more than 2 bags will be charged a $10 per day fee.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

How much luggage can I bring?2020-09-08T14:43:14-04:00

Each rider may bring 2 soft sided bags, weighing no more than 25 lbs each.  Each bag weighing over 25 lbs will be charged a $10 per day fee.  Anyone who brings more than 2 bags will be charged a $10 per day fee.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Am I allowed to have an extra bag for my daily gear?2019-11-19T17:35:38-05:00

You may bring extra bike supplies to put in the SAG car.   

Typically our SAG cars are pretty close to all riders.  We will have a SAG car for every 30 to 40 riders.

Will we be able to have our own food and water bottles at the Feed Stations?2019-11-19T17:35:33-05:00


There will be a designated pick up location every morning for you to leave your water bottles and/or feed bags.  Our crew will get it to the Hydration Station for you.

You must have all your items CLEARLY labeled with your name and what station # you want your product at.

How will bikes be stored and protected at night?2019-11-19T18:38:57-05:00

Every rider is responsible for their own bike and all other personal belongings.   We highly recommend locking bikes at all times, bringing into your rooms at night or putting in vehicles if possible.  

Are there Port A Johns along the route?2019-11-19T18:30:41-05:00

No, but there are spots along the route to stop in a store, restaurant or gas station.

There are also a lot of woods.

Are accommodations provided in the entry fee?2019-11-19T18:39:10-05:00

We offer riding packages that include lodging and riding packages that allow you to make your own lodging accommodations.  Doesn’t matter to us which one you choose, we simply want to make things as simple as possible for our riders.

Where do I park?2020-06-16T21:39:37-04:00

In most cities you can park for free at the hotels that TDY staff is staying at.  Those riding all 10 days will be parking at Little Bear in St. Ignace.  Details on where to park for each city will be sent in the final confirmation email.

Do I have to wear a helmet?2019-11-19T18:45:37-05:00


Is there a minimum age requirement?2019-11-19T18:46:12-05:00


Challenge Riders must be 19 to ride


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